kurogalinda The key to health in a new era is to promote "anti-glycation"


The key to health in a new era is to promote "anti-glycation"

To stay young and healthy forever
Supplement is mainly composed of "Black Garingal", a ginger plant native to mountainous regions in Southeast Asia.


About kurogalinda

The main raw material, "Black Galingal", is a plant of the ginger family native to mountainous areas of Southeast Asia. All the people who live in this region are healthy and live long lives. Therefore, the manufacturer went through more than 300 times, and it seems to have been admitted to the local people that this plant is spreading to the world in the form of a health Supplement.

Amazing content anthocyanins (three times blueberry), anti-aging polyphenols, curcumin to enhance liver function, cell abnormalities by improving immunity, differentiation prevention (selenium), arginine (twice the maca), 18 kinds of amino acids with skin-beautifying effect (1.5 times placenta).

These goods have the other line-ups

kurogalinda 2P

kurogalinda 2P




The popular kurogalinda is a new addition at a more affordable price and the number of grains.


How to use

Please enjoy 2-4 grains a day with water or lukewarm water.

Please pay attention

  • Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, please keep.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsBlack Galingal Powder, Gelatin