Ishi No Sizuku Health beverage with required Mineral Food group

Ishi No Shizuku 30ml 3set

Ishi No Sizuku

Health beverage with required Mineral Food group

Minaral Food, a fine particle that regulates the biological order of living things
Just put a few drops in water.
Let's continue every day and smooth the cycle of the body


About Ishi No Sizuku

Mineral FoodHealth beverage combines mineral food of various rocks.

It becomes the state of the ultra-fine particle while making the best use of the characteristic of the rock, and it becomes familiar with our body.

Ishi No Sizuku is a group of essential Mineral Food that supports healthy bodies,

Citric-Acid and malic acid are included to support smooth body cycles.

It is recommended for those who feel cold and those who are easy to catch a cold.

Mineral Food's Work Beyond Nutrition

Mineral Food, such as Calcium, iron, and magnesium, which is included in Ishi No Sizuku, acts a little differently from Mineral Food as a so-called "nutrient". Ishi No Sizuku is an ultrafine particle size of 2 nanometers while preserving the crystal (silicate tetrahedron) structure of Mineral Food contained in the rock, and this crystal and size are used to order the molecules of water. Ishi No Sizuku encourages living organisms to work normally by arranging "water" that exists in living organisms and everything else.

In order to be able to drink the rock itself, mineral food was extracted by putting the rock finely pulverized into an aqueous solution of water and acid, and applying fire and pressure. This is filtered to remove impurities and "Ishi No Sizuku" is completed. The rocks used as raw materials were taken from the stratum of the earth, such as barley stone and granite. Several kinds of these stones are combined to enhance the active action.

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Ishi No Shizuku 30ml6P

Ishi No Shizuku 30ml6P


Ishi No Shizuku 30ml 1pcs

Ishi No Shizuku 30ml 1pcs


How to use

Put 3-10 drops of water (150-200 mL) as a guide, stir well, and drink. If you want to further enhance the power of energy, please drink by increasing the amount (a few drops).

You can put it in Tea or juice.

Miso soup and, at the time of cooking

When cooking rice, two drops of rice are appropriate for every three bowls of rice. (If you put more than that, the rice will become softer.) )

Daily essences

Add a drop to the Chammoo or cream you picked up. Mineral Food power is added.

※ Please refrain from putting directly in the container.

For pets and plants

Give it to plants or add a few drops to your pet's water or water tank.

It will enhance the energy of itself.

Please pay attention

  • Best before date: about one and a half years from the date of manufacture (unopened)

  • If dilution is thick, it may become soft stool.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.
  • After opening, please drink as soon as possible and store it in a cool and dark place.


Product TypeBeverages
IngredientsCitric acid, malic acid, wheat rice stone, Hanaoka stone, and others