Kuu Neru Makura A new-inspired sleep pillow

Kuu Neru Makura

Kuu Neru Makura

A new-inspired sleep pillow

Pillow with Static electrity removal function
Reducing static electrity improves sleep quality.
It is a must-see for those who can not come up with a good pillow.
Size: Width 38 x Length 58 x Height 10cm Weight: about 700g
Surface: Mesh Back: Cotton


About Kuu Neru Makura

Static electricity removal "Kuu Neru Makura" blocks the Static electricity that occurs in the pillow with the original electric removal capsule.

There is very little static electricity that prevents you from sleeping, and it protects your sleeping brain from static electricity lightning strikes.

We use cotton blended with special ceramic.

How to use

Kuu Neru Makura is made slightly stiffe enough to hold your neck and head firmly. Even if it does not fit, the neck and the shoulder become untied while i use it, and there are a lot of cases where hardness and height are not anxious, and please adjust the height when the height of the pillow does not suit and use it. If you feel low, you can adjust the height with a towel, and when it is high, you can adjust it by pulling out the cotton from the fastener of the side.

Please pay attention

  • If the pillow gets dirty, dry it in the shade.
  • Pillows can't keep the same height, texture and shape for years. In order to securely support the head and neck and get a comfortable sleep, it is recommended to change it if the pillow deteriorates.
  • Even if the pillowcase is used, the action does not change.


Product TypeBedding
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients【Fabric】 Surface Honeycomb Fabric 100% Polyester , Other Parts of Beige Fabric 100% Cotton [ Medium Material ] Polyester Wadding, 7 electrostatic discharging capsules

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