Bhado makurakusa Good quality sleep

Bhado Makurakusa

Bhado makurakusa

Good quality sleep

Just put it on your pillow and sleep.
From the popular "Bhado" series as an artificial Electronic Wave, a good sleep support item appeared! Just place it on a pillow to heal your head and support your physical and mental Relax.
Size: 20×10×0.2cm Weight: 48g


About Bhado makurakusa

We succeeded in special processing of 8 kinds of minerals and 5 kinds of plant energy on silicon, which is mainly made from silicon dioxide.

"Bhado McLaxaa" with "flexibility" that was not in the conventional series (aluminum) has been completed.

How to use

Place on a pillow, cover with a washcloth, handkerchief, etc. to prevent dirt, and put your head on it and sleep.

It can also be used between pillows and pillowcases.

If you feel uncomfortable during use, please lay the product under a pillow and sleep.

Please pay attention

  • If it gets dirty, wash with water lightly without using detergent, wipe off moisture with a cloth, etc. and dry it in the shade.



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