Bhado for Car The popular Bihadow

Bhado Bundenban Kurumayou 12g

Bhado for Car

The popular Bihadow

Just stick it on the power distribution board of the home or office, and the Electromagnetic Wave and power saving effect ♪ 
Also for car engines and batteries.
It is also recommended to stick it near the power supply of electrical appliances! !


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Bhado Bundenban Kurumayou 12g 2set

Bhado Bundenban Kurumayou 12g 2set

A set of 2 points


How to use

We recommend that you attach it to the power distribution panel under the main switch.

[Application aim for cars]

- Mini car ~ 1000 cc class - 1 piece on the upper part of the engine (center)

- 1100cc to 1800cc class: A total of two at the top of the engine and near the battery +

- 2000cc to 3000cc class : the upper part of the engine, near the battery +, the air cleaner upper part a total of 3 points

Please pay attention

  • Do not attach this product directly to the wiring (electric wire) in the power distribution panel.
  • If the attached part to the car becomes high heat, fix it with heat-resistant aluminum tape so that this product does not peel.
  • Do not use this product for any purpose other than this product.


IngredientsAluminum alloy

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