Bhadochange the quality of electromagnetic waves

New materials born under new ideas

Electromagnetic waves, Supplement additives, chemical compounds...

Many Stress factors that cannot be avoided in daily life. We continue to be influenced by the physical and the flow of Qi in no small ways.

In modern society, these are completely difficult to avoid. Then, it is "Bhado" to convert the character from a negative one to a positive one.

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Bhado for Car The popular Bihadou

Bhado Multi Function Powerful type that can use anything

Bhado Mayty Chain I put it on a faucet and put it on a bhado to heal the tap water.

Bhado Tubopita Just stick it on the place where it is anxious

Bhado for Mobile Phone Plus healing effect by sticking it on a mobile phone

Bhado Pendant Bhado to the body by wearing

Bhado Bracelet Gold Bhado to the body by wearing

Bhado makurakusa Good quality sleep and good sleep

Bhado for Pocket Bhado for food and drink

Bhado Anklet Static electricity and electromagnetic waves are reduced by wearing them.

Others 11 entities

About Bhado

Bhado specially treats materials made of aluminum and trace elements

It has the function to resonate with the energy of the ultra-fine region which is the origin of the frequency of healing.

This resonance causes Bhado body to accumulate and release healing frequencies.

The Bhado series affects the target person and thing, feels healing, and relieves negative factors such as distortion and disharmony.

And the effect continues semi-permanently. *Bhado products are made based on the theory of scouting, which is the hypothesis of President Izumi Wasera, a developer.

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