water therapies We remove residual chlorine and support the creation of healthy hair and skin.

Water therapies

water therapies

We remove residual chlorine and support the creation of healthy hair and skin.

Particle Water Shower Head
Residual chlorine (hypochlorite) of tap water has eliminated bacteria, but on the contrary, it is a great enemy to hair and skin. If you were taking a shower of tap water as it is, the effect will be halved no matter how much you stick to Shampoo. "water therapies" reliably removes residual chlorine with high-adsorption rate fiber activated carbon, so you can use it with confidence in your baby's skin.


About water therapies

By adding activated mineral water as official moisture to the AS resin attached to the Waiter Head of water therapy, you can create bare water instantly.

Just as the nails stuck to the magnet have the properties of the magnet (memory of magnetic information), the energy information of the activated mineral water is transmitted instantly when passing through The Shower Head because there is magnetism (memory) in the water, and it becomes bare water.

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How to use

Mounting method: faucet mounting type (faucet diameter [outer diameter] 13mm to 24mm)

Hot water use: Up to 50°C (avoid continuous use of more than 1 minute at high temperatures)

Water passing: 4L/min (depending on the water pressure of each region)

Please pay attention

  • This product requires a regular cartridge replacement contract separately from the purchase of the main unit (4,300 yen tax excluded per time).
  • Once every three months is the basic, you can change the pace of cancellation and exchange at any time. It is a prerequisite for the effective use of the product. We will bundle the contract (which also serves as a bank automatic debit agreement) with the product, so please return it with a return envelope with a stamp.

  • The cartridge is automatically shipped at the replacement time. Don't worry about forgetting to replace it and saying you'll use it unsanitary. In addition, depending on the dirt on the cartridge, you can decide when to replace it every three months, every two months, and every month.
  • ※ The main unit every two years, as long as the cartridge periodic replacement contract is continued, as many times as you like, we will replace it free of charge (only shipping costs will be borne.) Direct delivery from the manufacturer).