Aura Stone

Aura Stone is a pyroclastic rock that is rapidly cooled by the seawater, which contains a variety of Mineral Food magma emitted by an undersea volcano hundreds of millions of years ago.

The official name is "Hollumbren Docummington Flash Hinseki", a volcanic deep sea stone (porous natural ore).

The ore has a kind of sansengoku red, sansengoku blue, black spot flower serpent, and quartz odd rock, and these natural ores are collectively called Aura Stone. It emits far infrared rays of a wavelength close to the human, and has excellent thermal retention and heat storage properties, as well as natural antibacterial and deodorant properties.

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Heatley air Heatley Air Series

Aura Chikunetsu Natural ore to fiber

Aura Stone Sauna Healthy and combustion-based inner-year use

Fusigi na Felt Where the body is tired or cold

Aura Iiyudane Bedrock bath in your house bath

Aura Pelvis Belt They are forced to tighten their stomach

Footwarmer To the cold, swelling, standing work of the foot

Double Knit Oyasumi Socks Warmth of feeling to wear

Aura Health Band Warm up your stomach and hips with far infrared rays

Aura Shoulder Supporter The problem of stiff shoulders and frozen shoulder is eliminated

Others 26 entities

About Aura Stone

※ The return after wearing it is allowed to refuse for a sanitary product. Please understand it beforehand.