Kotubannberuton While warming, pelvic compensation

Pelvis belt

While warming, pelvic compensation

Easy to install
"Warm" & "pelvic compensation" is a convenient item that can be double with the support of the pelvis around while warming. 〇 S-M: About 11.3 × 60.5 cm 〇 M-L: about 11.3 × 70.5 cm 〇 LL: about 11.3 × 80.5 cm


About Kotubannberuton

It is recommended for the one with a soft tightening compared with a general pelvic belt, and a strong tightening is weak. By wearing this product and walking, you can squeaking the pelvic line with the upper belt, lift the hips with the lower belt, and compensate the pelvis while keeping the body warm and flexible.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsPolyester (containing natural ore), cotton, etc.

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