Heatley air Oyasumi Kabocha Pants CQ Pumpkin Pants for sleep

Kabotyapantu - Pumpkin Pants for sleep

Pumpkin Pants for sleep

It is recommended for the cold of the lower half of the body.
Stylish and warm pumpkin pants
I fit from a child of hip 50cm to a large one of about 100cm by a special stretching sewing.

For women of all ages, cold ass can lead to mental and physical upset factors.
Let's soften the muscles around the pelvis by doing gymnastics from usual!


About Heatley air Oyasumi Kabocha Pants CQ

※The thigh circumference grew 2cm and it became comfortable to wear it slowly.

The fibers kneaded from the natural ore "Aura Stone", which is also used in bedrock baths born from submarine volcanoes, release far infrared rays and store heat, so we provide gentle warmth.

Size: Approx. 30 x 38cm (Adaptive size: Hip size 80~105cm)

Weight: Approx. 140g


Country of manufactureJapan

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