Heatley airHeatley Air Series

The Heatley Air series looks warm. In the wave that was the Mokomako, the cotton containing the Aura Stone will heat up the warm air, increasing the warmth more than the conventional series.

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Heatley air Bodytube I took the plunge and stomachband it big.

Heatley air Oyasumi Kabocha Pants CQ Pumpkin Pants for sleep

Heat Ray Air Arm Leg Warmer Gently fit and warm your body

Heat Ray Air Warmer Long

Handfootwamer Small, but limbs.


Heatley air Mermeid Nebukuro New type sleeping bag to walk

Heatley air Body Warmer The warmest Stomachband in the history of Aura textile

Others 8 entities

About Heatley air

It fits comfortably in the shape to scrunch without tightening it by a special sewing technique.

To shut out the cold by confining the body temperature, it is a series of very popular to warm up the body gently fashionable. ※ The return after wearing it is allowed to refuse for a sanitary product. Please understand it beforehand.