Aura ChikunetsuNatural ore to fiber

Heat storage effect to warm up well

It does not use electricity, warms the body from the core, and realizes warmth and health at the same time.

Others 8 entities

Aura Chikunetsu Inner Vest Thin and light warm warm

Aura Chikunetsu Quilt Bedrock baths anytime, anywhere

Atatame Hogusi Aura Chikunetu Best The best that can be worn from the top of the underwear

Aura Chikunetsu Oyasumi Bolero The cold of the back and the shoulder are firmly guarded.

Aura Chikunetsu Oyasumi Boots I do not use electricity, and my feet are warm

Aura Chikunetsu Ashiyu Kibun Bedrock Bath & footbath mood anytime anywhere

Lower back belt Just Wind

Kiltfleecetype Multipurpose Quilt

Others 8 entities

About Aura Chikunetsu

※ The return after wearing it is allowed to refuse for a sanitary product. Please understand it beforehand.