Nakawata Fit Haramaki 遠赤外線を放出する中わた



It is a thick Stomachband, but it is a cute and stylish Stomachband that fits well.
I use the inside wata which emits far infrared rays to the part of the stomach and the waist that the cold is anxious.


About Nakawata Fit Haramaki

The fibers kneaded with natural ore, which are also used in bedrock baths born from submarine volcanoes, release far infrared rays and store heat, so we gently provide warmth.

The "Nakawata Fit Haramaki", full of fiber, will be able to experience even more warmth.

How to use

※ We do not accept returns after use. Thank you for your understanding.


IngredientsMaterial: 65% acrylic, 27% unspecified fiber (TENCEL), 8% polyurethane, backcloth: 100% cotton, 100% polyester / polyester (natural ore)