Bio Joe Non surfactant

Bio Joe 1300

Bio Joe

Non surfactant

Fall often eco-friendly cleaners
Yellow PEAR! You can get the odor!
Purify the environment too!
Tough stains are the easy-to-yellow green parading fine image of the detergent.
Stain and odor are solved "pure land"!
Outstanding cleaning power is very different from the concept of detergent until now, further whitening white, Pro wash "dry cleaners I" also surprised!
While twink who catch fire in the United States score in reviews. New York dry cleaning Association customer satisfaction No1 product!


About Bio Joe

Tough stains are the easy-to-yellow eco to dispel the image of the detergent often fall eco-friendly detergent a good bio pure (Zhou).

Dry cleaners launder Pro in excellent cleaning power is very different from the concept of detergent until now, further interesting white I'm also surprised!

While twink who catch fire in the United States score in reviews. Cleaning store customer's did not change its finish. Good bio pure was born from the saying "look at want this detergent for household use".

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Bio Joe 1.3kg 6case

Bio Joe 1.3kg 6case

Set of 6 box deals at the point


How to use


For cotton, linen and synthetic fibers

* To wash, use within the scope of application

* Free synthetic surfactants and natural surfactant (natural fatty acids) usage is normal Laundry about 50 minutes of less than one.

[Your guide] [The weight of laundry]. 4-6 kg [water type]. 65L [usage].

20-30 g [The weight of laundry]. 2-4 kg [water type]. 55L [usage].

15-20 g [The weight of laundry]. 2 kg or less [water type]... 30L [usage].

10-15 g


Alkaline [Works on stubborn stains, such as around the kitchen!


You can also use the "pure" cleanser. Especially oil stains, such as ventilation and range works!

Sponge with a little bit of "pure" and rub the stain, will keep falling dirt very quickly.

Put in "pure" solution to stubborn stains, even recommended! Come in handy around the kitchen dirt.

Please pay attention

  • This detergent is 泡立chimasenn. "Pure" effect take a mold of the wash tub.
  • When washing the dirt of washing tank is attached to mold and mildew in the washing tank falling off. Therefore, it is recommended before first use "pure" washing and tank-only mold removers in the washing tank cleaning things.
  • Serving washing and then use the "pure" and while keeping the washers clean washing tank of mold and dirt-resistant.
  • Underwear, recommended to be washed, put it in the net. I do not feel effects and a detergent surfactants have been used for a long time left in the washing machine, the first in this effect several times. Before you continue to use Flake remains of surfactants, we will demonstrate the power of the original.
  • Please note that.
  • If you touch the detergents are alkaline, so use rubber gloves, etc.
  • The first few times the washing tank mold our fallen away.
  • Once mold falls and then washing machine mold prone will be. This detergent compared with a small amount to clean wash goes up.
  • Make sure the dosage and use.
  • Please use the treatment on clothes to make sure.
  • Detergent dark clothes fading are concerned about the order to wear nondescript clothing and beaten to every 5 minutes or so, discoloration or fading color ones do not wash.
  • Close the container lid after each use and keep.
  • Without rubbing into your eyes, wash it off with fresh water.
  • Sure swallowed: Rinse the mouth and drink water.
  • Keep out of children's reach. Do not use other than as intended.


Product TypeLaundry detergent
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsAlkalies (carbonate), water softeners, dispersant, bleach (sodium percarbonate) and recontamination inhibitor (carboxymethyl cellulose), enzymes and natural fatty acids and good biomarkers (Special enzymes)