Drmuratsuhazoubrush Polishes well where you want to shine

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush

Polishes well where you want to shine

Advocated the teeth is the organ swings one developed by the former Director of the dental clinic and muratsu Kazumasa's one tooth visceral brush.
As the name suggests, the brush is only 1 column or no Toothbrush. Hardness of bristles and usually the heat-resistant temperature of 80 ° C and contents: brush 5 bottle holder


About Drmuratsuhazoubrush

Grooves of the tooth or teeth and gums between teeth round spot, to the backside of the teeth firmly into the brush through.

These goods have the other line-ups

Dr.muratsu onelinehazoubrush caseset

Dr.muratsu onelinehazoubrush caseset

Description: brush 3 books, only one holder, one case


How to use

(1) because it contains many Enzyme in saliva kill bacteria and reduce the proliferation and visceral one tooth brush without toothpaste spit shine.

They've got to take time to brush is nothing without spit shine. (2) instead of standing at the toilet, brush your teeth while watching TV in the bath while, "while Polish" activate. "Neat! became a slick!"

Until you feel spent more than 10 minutes, let's brush.

(3) next to the teeth is the most prone to tooth decay between teeth, so especially with a silver Crown teeth are prone to tooth decay. You can only prevent it is FLOSS brush.

Let's clean without leaving stains on the Floss. (4) do not use toothpaste, but here is a general flow and not refreshing.

Who we use toothpaste, liquid toothpaste to finish OK. Use only toothpaste after clean teeth.


IngredientsPattern / rice hemp plastics and hair / nylon