Drmuratsuhazoubrush I can polish the place where I want to polish well.

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush

I can polish the place where I want to polish well.

"One-line dental brush" developed by Kazumasa Muratsu, former director of Muratsu Dental Clinic, which advocated that "teeth are organs." As the name suggests, there is only one row of brushes in the Toothbrush.
Hair hardness / normal, heat-resistant temperature / 80 degrees C Contents: 5 brushes, 1 holder


About Drmuratsuhazoubrush

Between the teeth, between the teeth and gums (periodontal spots), and the back of the teeth, firmly enter and brush every corner.

These goods have the other line-ups

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush 1

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush 1


Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush

Please attach it to one pair sold separately and use it.


How to use

(1) Saliva contains a lot of enzymes that kill bacteria or suppress growth, so "one-line dental brush" is done by spitting without using toothpaste.

Take your time to polish, so don't put anything on it and do your spit.

(2) Instead of standing in the washroom and brushing your teeth, while watching TV, while taking a bath, etc. "It's refreshing! Let's polish it over 10 minutes until you feel.

(3) Because the most likely cavities are between teeth, especially the teeth next to teeth covered with silver crowns are prone to cavities.

The only thing that prevents this is floss polishing. Let's clean without leaving dirt with floss.

(4) Up to this point is the flow of the whole, but if you do not use toothpaste, it will not be refreshing ... If you are a person, you can use toothpaste or liquid toothpaste to finish.

Please use toothpaste after the teeth are cleaned.


IngredientsPattern/Inahemp resin, hair/nylon