Drmuratsuhazoubrush I can polish the place i want to polish well.

Drmuratsuoneline hazoubrush

I can polish the place i want to polish well.

"One-line tooth spleen brush" developed by Mr. Kazumasa Murutsu, former director of the Spotty dental clinic that advocated "teeth are organs".
As the name suggests, the Toothbrush has only one column of brushes. Hair hardness/Normal, heat temperature/80 °c Contents: 5 Brushes, 1 holder


About Drmuratsuhazoubrush

The tooth grooves, teeth and gums (periodontal spots), and the back of the teeth are firmly in place and polished every nook and cranny.

These goods have the other line-ups

Dr.muratsu onelinehazoubrush caseset

Dr.muratsu onelinehazoubrush caseset

Contents: 3 brushes, 1 holder, 1 special case


How to use

(1) Saliva kills bacteria, and because it contains a lot of enzyme, such as suppressing proliferation, "one-line tooth spleen brush" is carried out by the Spit Polish without using toothpaste.

Let's do the spit without applying anything to polish it over time. (2) Instead of standing in the washroom and brushing your teeth, while watching TV, take a bath, and so on. "It was smooth!"

Let's polish it for more than ten minutes until I feel it.

(3) tooth decay is most prone to tooth decay because it is between teeth and teeth, especially for teeth that are covered with silver crowns. The only thing that can be prevented is floss polishing.

Let's clean without leaving the dirt by floss. (4) This is the flow of the street, but it does not feel refreshed without using toothpaste...

It is OK even if you use toothpaste and liquid toothpaste to finish. Please use the toothpaste only after you clean the teeth.


IngredientsPattern/Rice hemp resin, hair/nylon