Bath Salt

Relax your body with Bath time to make your skin smoother. Bath Salt's lineup is gentle on the skin with natural ingredients that heal fatigue, remove ♪ skin and refresh your skin.

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Micelle Bath Water Mixes

Hiba No Yu Bath Water Mixes

Aura Iiyudane Bedrock bath in the bath at home

CaricaYoku Carica Papaya Bath Powder

Yu no Hikari Hot spring feeling at home

Qi Power Bathsalt Bath Salt with Natural Mineral Food

Mineral Spa Daily hot spring mood

Re Coenzyme Spa Salt Bath salt

Tzmakawa radon Seat Dr. Shuhiro Maruyama is also recommended!

Tamakawa Cure Large sheet Tsmakawa radon Seat unit focusing on yunohana is adopted.

Others 18 entities