Micelle Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack 3set - Bath Water Mixes

Bath Water Mixes

Water quality cleaning liquid for pollution-free bath
The hot water is mellow and cleaning and cleaning are easy.
A bathing solution that is gentle on the skin and makes even the bathtub beautiful. Soy, rice, and aloe vera extracts contained in micelles relieve 90% chlorine contained in tap water, so even sensitive skin can take a bath with peace of mind.

A set of 3 points


About Micelle

Balth Salt is made mainly from soy, rice and aloe vera. Just put 5cc of "micelle" in the bathtub and the hot water will soften.

In addition, it becomes easy to clean the bath.

In addition, the water pipe is also less likely to get dirty and reduces odors.

Because it contains safe ingredients that are gentle on the skin, you can use it with confidence from babies to elderly people.

It is a bathing liquid that is friendly to the global environment.

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Micell 300ml Pump - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Pump - Bath Water Mixes

About 60 times.


Micell 300ml Repack - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack - Bath Water Mixes

Refillable bottles. With cap.


Micell 300ml Repack 2set - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack 2set - Bath Water Mixes

A set of 2 points


Micelle150ml - Bath Water Mixes

Micelle150ml - Bath Water Mixes


How to use

When pouring hot water

At the same time as pouring hot water into the bathtub, add the micelles for the 6th to 7th minute (about 5 ml).

When soaking in hot water

Before putting the body in the bathtub, pour 2-3 times as much hot water to the floor in a tub.

After bathing

1. After bathing, if you sprinkle 4 to 5 tablespoons of remaining hot water in the washing area, bath soap and hot water will be disassembled.

2. Before pouring the remaining hot water, rub the part above the hot water surface of the bathtub with the sponge and include the remaining hot water lightly.

3. After draining all the remaining hot water, the bathtub and floor are washed away with a shower.

Please pay attention

  • Micelles cannot get rid of mold bacteria that have already occurred. If mold has occurred in the bathroom, it is recommended to remove mold cleanly once before using micelles.
  • Micelles are trace (about 0.55%. Contains 6%) surfactants.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.
  • In the unlikely event that swallowed, take measures such as drinking water.
  • When the undiluted solution gets into your eyes, rinse well with water. (There is no harm if the undiluted solution adheres to the hands or skin))


Product TypePollution-free water purification solution
Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsPlant extracts, surfactants (high-grade alcohol)