Micelle Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack 3set - Bath Water Mixes

Bath Water Mixes

Water cleaning liquid for non-pollution bath
The hot water is mellow, and the cleaning cleaning is easy, too.
The bath ing liquid is gentle to the skin and makes even the bathtub beautiful. Because the extract of soybeans, rice, and aloe vera contained in micelles relieves chlorine contained in tap water by 90,000, you can take a bath with peace of mind even if you have sensitive skin.

Set of three points deals


About Micelle

Bath Salt is a major raw material for soy, rice and aloe vera. Just put a 5cc micelle in the bathtub and the hot water will be soft.

In addition, it becomes easy to clean the bath.

In addition, the water distribution pipe is hard to get dirty, and the smell is reduced, too.

Because it contains safe ingredients that are gentle on your skin, you can use them with peace of mind from babies to elderly people.

It is a bath liquid that is easy to the global environment.

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Micell 300ml Pump - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Pump - Bath Water Mixes

About 60 times.


Micell 300ml Repack - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack - Bath Water Mixes

Bottle for refill. With cap.


Micell 300ml Repack 2set - Bath Water Mixes

Micell 300ml Repack 2set - Bath Water Mixes

Two pieces of points deals


Micelle150ml - Bath Water Mixes

Micelle150ml - Bath Water Mixes


How to use

When hot water is poured

At the same time as pouring hot water into the bathtub, cap micelles 6-7 minutes (about 5ml).

When hot water is

Before putting your body in the bathtub, pour two to three times as much hot water into the floor with a tub.

After bathing

1. After taking a bath, sprinkle four or five cups of hot water in the wash room to decompose bath soap casserole and hot water.

2. Before pouring the remaining water, rub lightly with the remaining hot water in the sponge above the hot water surface of the bathtub.

3. After all the remaining hot water is discharged, the bathtub and the floor are flushed in the shower.

Please pay attention

  • Micelles cannot be removed from fungi that have already occurred. If mold occurs in the bathroom, we recommend that you use micelles once you remove mold cleanly.
  • Micelles are trace (about 0. 6% surfactant is included.
  • Keep it out of reach of infants.
  • If you swallow it, take action, such as drinking water.
  • When the stock solution enters the eye, rinse well with water. (There is no harm in the stock solution sticking to the hand or skin.)


Product TypeNon-polluting water cleaning liquid
Country of manufactureMade in Japan
IngredientsPlant extracts, surfactants (higher alcohols)