Yu no Hikari Hot spring feeling at home

Yunohikari 500ml

Yu no Hikari

Hot spring feeling at home

Healing the tired body from the core
Mineral Food solution for baths extracted ultrafine particle Mineral Food from several types of rocks by a special method.
In a natural balance, the extracted ultrafine particle Mineral Food prepares tap water into soft water.
Smooth and gentle hot water like Skin Lotion wraps the whole body, and after bathing, your skin is smooth.


About Yu no Hikari

In addition, it is a cold season when I miss the bath time to build steam.

"Yu no Hikari" not only warms the cold body from the core, but also relaxes and meguri up the mind and body, and makes your skin smooth.

Several types of rocks called "yakuishi" were extracted in ultrafine particle shape so that their function was easy to be demonstrated.

The energy of rock Mineral Food soaks into the whole body and activates tired bodies.

Recommended for such a person

Kara but easy to get cold

Meguri is worrisome

・ I'm worried about skin problems

・ Less likely to get tired

・ I can not sleep easily

How to use

◆As bathing liquid (basic usage):

Put 1-2 cups of "Yu no Hikari" cap (about 13 ml per cup) in the hot water (standard 200L bathtub) of the bath, stir well and take a bath. Especially when you are tired or feel cold, if you put more, the Relax action will be enhanced.

◆ For skin troubles:

If you have skin problems such as kayumi or rough skin, put half the cap "Yu no Hikari" in one cup of hot water in the basin and stir well, then apply directly to your skin. Mineral Food ingredients revitalize the skin and support reincarnation.

◆For the plant also ikiiki and soil improvement:

Bath water activated by "Yu no Hikari" has fine particles and softens the skin area. In addition to improving the environment of bathtubs and bathrooms, it can also be used to revitalize and prevent pests by giving plants the remaining hot water. It is also useful for soil improvement by scattering it on the soil.


IngredientsGranite, basalt, other rocks, sulfuric acid