CaricaYoku Carica Papaya Bath Powder

CaricaYoku 4g 10pcs - Carica Papaya Bath Powder

Carica Papaya Bath Powder



About CaricaYoku

Bath Salt made from 100% Carica CelapiSAIDO-PS501 raw material.

It is characterized by the fact that it is blended with a young carica with large white grains and a mature carica of small grains, and it often warms up and is difficult to cool down.

By entering CaricaYoku, the mind and body are healed like a forest bath, and the health of the skin of the whole body,

It is also useful for care of damaged skin and hair, coldness and body troubles.

The remaining hot water is for washing, for watering plants ... And you can use it without waste at a great deal.

*What is Carica Cecapi?

"Carica CelapiSAIDO-PS501" is a fermented Supplement using whole wild blue papaia.

More than 100 kinds of natural ingredients born from the color of the wild are made.

The ingredients create a self-original balance, lead to health, and support the various problems of modern people.

Carica is here to help you anytime, anywhere, anytime, at any time.

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CaricaYoku 4g 10pcs 5P - Carica Papaya Bath Powder

CaricaYoku 4g 10pcs 5P - Carica Papaya Bath Powder


How to use

Please put one of this product in your home bathtub (150-200L) and stir well to take a bath.

It is hard to get water red in the bathtub, and the remaining hot water can also be used for washing.

Questions and Answers

About the product

What is CaricaYoku like?

CaricaYoku allows you to bathe Carica Celapi with your whole body as it is,

It is a product for bathing with a completely different feel from the bath salt until now.

CaricaYoku's hot water is highly transparent, soft,

The feeling of comfortable hot water as a prun heals the body.

It is a feeling that the fatigue of the whole body is 1000000000000000000000000000000000

Please enjoy it with your family.

How do I use it?

Is there any way to use the remaining hot water of CaricaYoku?

The hot water of CaricaYoku can also be used when washing hair.

Please feel the feeling of washing up.

When you use the remaining hot water for washing, dirt falls off well and it finishes softly.

Rinse with tap water.

In addition, when used for watering plants, plants, lawns, etc.,

I grow up energetically and energetically.


Product TypeBathing agent
IngredientsPapaya Fruit Fermentation