Carica Celapi Papaya Powder

arica Celapi 100pcs sugihinokitea - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi

Papaya Powder

Blue papaya 100% natural Supplement
Fermented papaya
Milky carefully in the immature papaya fruit energy Extract juice from the skins, seeds and pulp, added such as Enzyme and lactic acid bacteria which fermented, matured, and natural Drying of granular, delicious papaya fermented Supplement. Because it is a 100% natural Supplement, from pregnant women with confidence to the infants, elderly persons, are available.


About Carica Celapi

Leave the natural microorganisms ' working of immature blue papaya papaya fermented Supplement "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" is made, is a totally natural Supplement.

Therefore, also selling advertising "includes 00 many times as rich in such ingredients or added ingredients to attract the attention of consumers bother to prevalent in the world.

It may be developed taking this was originally a composition for the purpose of the General Health Supplement and, supplement a little different image.

It is also a difficult reasons such as the true splendor of "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" quite in advertisements to give you product.

But is "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" thanks until the number reached approximately 1 million people since its launch please who is expanding.

From reason is that products can verify as actually feeling "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" goodness got to eat each other and we are proud. Products generally fall into these Supplement that is by continuing to gradually felt that there is a "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" for so many of you are Features available for the first time in the very early stage, you can see the splendor that is.

These goods have the other line-ups

Carica Celapi 40pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 40pcs - Papaya Powder

In general one month of regular size.


Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs - Papaya Powder

The family-sized deals.


Carica Celapi 30pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 30pcs - Papaya Powder

Trial size.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 2case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 2case - Papaya Powder

2 box set point deals.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 3case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 3case - Papaya Powder

3 box set point deals.


Carica Celapi 100pcs 4case - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 100pcs 4case - Papaya Powder

4 set point deals.


Carica Celapi 5pcs - Papaya Powder

Carica Celapi 5pcs - Papaya Powder

* Limited one per household only.


How to use

Adult 1-4 bags to enjoy.

Questions and Answers

For the raw materials and manufacturing methods

Are you working as a "Carica Celapi" why not leave the papaya and ate better?

"Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" is the enhanced nutrition and Soy sauce, Vinaigre, yogurt and cheese, and also a useful microbial (fermented) by fermentation Supplement.

This is the Supplement increased the potential to disassemble the components of the Supplement with the help of micro-organisms, or to generate, with papaya.

Also generally edible part of the papaya is real part except the seeds and skin, including skin and seeds "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" everything is all fermented as a raw material. Is sometimes called "whole food" is better than "portion food" did well "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" from "wonders of papaya, Supplement all that make the best use ' concept of "look.

Ingredients are organic papaya?

Papaya Carica Celapi stuff is a native wild area filled with the power of nature to natural papaya. Do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, not to mention not used even in organic fertilizer.

Varieties of raw papaya is a common edible?

Commonly cultivated as fruit papaya varieties differently. Harvesting blue out of immature papaya is native to the forests of the island in the Philippines, Carica Celapi stuff.

What is the "dextrose" contained in raw materials?

It is sugar and become food for microbes to ferment and "dextrose".

The difference between wild and cultivated blue papaya?

The difference between the wild blue papaya and blue papaya are grown

To represent the strength of breeding in the wild blue papaya

White seeds are closely packed and overflowing fruit is trickling down.

Also capacity growth in the power of their own without using pesticides or fertilizers

Has the strength to survive depending on the different circumstances.

Calica is strong such meticulous grew up among energy 100% Made of natural raw materials.

Kalika ingredients are good for what?

For example, good for your skin components (glycolic acid), immune-boosting components (arginine),

Antioxidant (Ascorbic acid), anti depressive component (acetylcholine),

It contains many active ingredients enhances the ability of someone else in the meantime.

This kalika component is

And doing the research product itself daily at universities and public institutions From the academic aspects clarified came.

About how to eat

Children eat?

But children, infants and pregnant people, enjoy. In easy-to-eat is served.

Mix the yogurt and juice, can I eat?

Dissolve in water, yogurt and juice and eat is safe. However, eating eat that dissolve in the saliva before going to bed is the best.

such as vitamin supplements with no problem?

Don't worry about general Supplement fermented papaya is "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501", so used to using.

Can you give a pet?

So is papaya natural 100% available in the pet food is no problem.

Many people's lifestyles. Is he given a small amount of quality.

About the quality

It is abnormally swollen pouch?

You may be expanded and put in a warm place. No abnormal quality assured and enjoy.

It is seasoned and sweet taste?

Its sweet flavor is "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501", children are loved, but not at all use additives.

Less calories?

"Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" calories per package 10-11 kcal and is modest to.

Sweet taste does not cause tooth decay?

Is "Carica Celapi SAIDO-PS501" sweet sweetness of glucose are classified into Monosaccharides, and it has a harder to exploit on the Streptococcus mutans bacteria that causes tooth decay in nature, Less sugar than formation of dental plaque and the lactic acid that is known.

Kalika drinks?

There are old, some in major Health beverage maker made prototypes

It was impossible to keep the characteristics of the kalika additive-free drink to make.

Technological advances in the one day might be CARICAD links can be days, but At the moment we recommend "Carica water make it yourself".

You may change the taste of the kalika?

On every product lot kalika taste varies slightly.

Kalika seasoned food additives is not the

Is the result of fermentation and aging wild blue papaya, produced in natural taste.

Changes in the taste of the kalika is also in the nature of evidence. Also, you can feel the taste changed by the physical condition of your own.

Kalika tablet types (pills) are not?

In the past, I made a prototype, but among Carica features

Natural taste, feel less effective results.

That is also the tablet alone kalika without using a thickening agent

Clean a crumble is just harder on the tablets

Kalika tablets to somehow effect is weak, such as is.

Now that hard after all, as a commodity market.

Additives are not used as a result of trial and error

Are considered suitable for the granular form of the current most effective and satisfying.

Also dissolve that granular, easy to eat, kalika water other That is why there is a versatile advantage of many easy-to-use applications.

Calica is the Enzyme is?

Calica said Enzyme seem the product of kalika contained the Enzyme.

That meant thought the effect of papaya fermented Supplement of "Enzyme"

Was examined in the laboratory the papain Enzyme titer zero said results appeared.

Calica is no Enzyme,

"Enzyme produced by the body to the active Supplement" that various research results become clear from getting is.

Additionally, kalika, to natural fermentation is the number of active ingredient was born It supports various functions of the body.


Product TypeFermented papaya
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsCarica papaya (Philippines), dextrose, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria