Oryzae SeriesEnzyme Powder

The yeast Enzyme that, stable culture, ten species of Aspergillus oryzae and yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

It is a granular product, easy-to-drink made from Aloe arborescens houttuynia cordata. Does not use any chemical products or additives such as assured, is served.

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Oryzae 210 Enzyme Powder

Oryzae Genki Suiso 400 Hydogen Supplement

Oryzae Gold Enzyme Powder

Oryzae Em Enzyme Powder

Sang Vert Barley grass extract Green Barley

Oryzae Enzyme Powder

Others 6 entities

About Oryzae Series

"Vegetable fermented food ORISE" has been developed that, malt, yeast and lactic acid bacteria produce enzymes.

ORISE is without any food additives, coagulating agents, chemical substances, is made only with natural materials, Saga Prefecture, Japan.

Aloe arborescens houttuynia only those grown in plantations. Please help take a look at the ORISE product reliability has been loved by more than 60 years.