Sokai Suiso Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso

Hydrogen Capsule

For the rusty care of the body
Maybe everyone doesn't know that Hydrogen Bending is so good yet.
The main ingredient is the coral powder that sucked the negative Hydrogen Blending ions.

Developed by Dr. Yinsho Oikawa, this is the top product of the refreshing Hydrogen Blending using the latest Hydrogen Blending powder.


About Sokai Suiso

The food, "Exhilarating Hydrogen Blending", combines hydrogen blending with coral Calcium into powder.

By eating, Hydrogen Blending gives you energy and energy to every corner of your body.

Minus Hydrogen Blending ion is a high quality supplement that has the power of a different difference compared to various vitamins and coenzyme Q10.

Please use it for health and beauty.

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Sokai Suiso Super Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso Super Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Significantly powered up the amount of Hydrogen Blending. In addition, the amount of magnesium has increased, and not only Calcium but also a lot of magnesium can be expected.


How to use

As a healthy Supplement, divide one to three capsules a day into a few meals, and serve with a glass of water or lukewarm water.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsCoral Calcium, HPMC