karadawotsukurudashi Nutritional Source Soup



Nutritional Source Soup

Take all 20 amino acids you need
"20 bottles × for karadawotsukurudashi 5g" can be served as a source of nutrition soup by simply dissolving 5 g of sticks in 200 cc of hot water, as well as Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes.
In addition, since it is additive-free and finished in granules, it dissolves quickly even with water.


Please pay attention

  • Best before date: 2 years at room temperature


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsDietary fiber (domestic manufacturing), bonito (Kagoshima, Kou), sardines (Yamaguchi and Kyushu), odorless garlic (Yamaguchi), Kombu (Rishiri, Rausu, Hitachi)