Eiyou Soup Taste of a top caterer

Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock 2P

Eiyou Soup

Taste of a top caterer

It is a powdered Japanese-style dashi that can be easily used as "dashi" and "soup".
The taste soak is also good, it pulls out the taste of the ingredients and raises the skill of the dish. Not only is it delicious, but it also uses whole fish, so it's nutritious! You can easily replenish abundant nutrition with "soup" that can be made by simply adding hot water and salt.


About Eiyou Soup

The main raw materials are sardines and bonito, and bones are also used from the head to the tail.

It removes fat and impurities that cause oxidation, resulting in a gentle taste without miscellaneous taste.

The whole fish is used, and kelp, shiitake mushrooms, and odorless garlic are added, so there are plenty of umami ingredients.

It is also ideal for baby food because it does not contain artificial additives such as chemical Seasoningother or yeast extract, salts, sweeteners, allergens, etc.

Because there is no allergen, even fish allergies can eat it.

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Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock 3P

Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock 3P


Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock

Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock


Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock

Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock


Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock 3P

Dashi Eiyo Soup 500g soup stock 3P

3 bag set with great points


How to use

・Nutritional soup: Add an appropriate amount of sun salt, pepper, green onions, umeboshi, wakame, etc. to 1 tablespoon (about 10 g) once and pour boiling water.

It can be used as a source of physical strength reinforcement when there is no appetite or after exercise, and as a source of nutrition from babies to the elderly.

・Dashi: Dissolve 5-10g per serving with water or hot water as a guide.

You can easily make the clear golden color "best dashi".

Japanese dishes such as Miso soup, udon, Soba, as well as French and Italian stewed dishes,

It can be used as the base for various dishes such as Chinese ramen and stir-fry.

※ Because there is no salt, please add salt or Soy sauce according to your preference.


It can be used as "Seasoningother" with umami taste as powder.

Because it is a very fine molecule, it is easy to penetrate and makes the taste of the material stand out.

During the stir-fry, the flavor is added even if sprinkled on the resulting amount.


Tenzuyu, rice porridge, cooked rice, etc. can be delicious if you put a lot of them.

Esumichiyaki, chijimi, etc. are up in flavor when mixed with dough!

If you rub it with salt, you can make delicious asazuke even for a short time.

If you sprinkle the fish before baking, you will get a unique odor.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsStarch decomposed product (cassava potato, Thailand), sardines (near Fukuoka and Nagasaki Prefectures), bonito (near Kagoshima Prefecture), kelp (Hokkaido), raw wood-grown shiitake mushrooms (Oita Prefecture), odorless garlic (Yamaguchi Prefecture)