Oishii Dashi Additive-free natural dashi

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs

Oishii Dashi

Additive-free natural dashi

100% natural ingredients for sardines, kombu, katsuo and odorless garlic
Elegant taste of 100% natural material. Using only the power of nature, all-purpose Seasoningother is finished with a special manufacturing method. You can feel the deep taste in the back of the tongue.

10 g × 10 packages


About Oishii Dashi

Oishii Dai is made from sardines, kombu, katsuo, and odorless garlic.

Extracts from these natural materials are extracted and adsorbed on starch to form a super-fine powder.

Sardines and katsuo are used up to the bone and extracted. From there, the fat that is easy to oxidize is peeped, and the protein is made into a peptideized powder with good digestion and absorption.

These goods have the other line-ups

Oishii Dashi 300g

Oishii Dashi 300g



Oishii Dashi 500g

Oishii Dashi 500g

500g for virtue


Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 5P

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 5P

10g × 10 packages 5 sets


Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 10P

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 10P

10 g × 10 packages


How to use

Even if you sprinkle directly on the dish as Seasoningother, it is a super fine powder that is easy to dissolve, so it does not become powdery.

Japanese, Western, Chinese, and any dish are easily finished deliciously and enhance the taste of the ingredients.

It can be used regardless of Japanese, Western and Chinese, such as cooked rice, stir-fried vegetables, grilled Soba, curry, dressing, dashi rolled egg, etc.

It can also be drunk as a nutritional supplemental drink during sports.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsStarch decomposing products, sardines, kombu, bonito, odorless garlic