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Reinforcing the body from the core with patented ingredients
Calcium is an essential nutrient for the body, but the absorption rate decreases as you get older. It is said to be about 30% to 40% in childhood, 20% to 25% in menopause, and 10% in old age.
Bone Pep improves calcium's body utilization rate and is efficient and lean, so we provide solid support for those who feel that their feet are becoming more anxious with age and during their child's growth.


About Dr Bone Pep

Functional protein discovered from among the eggs. It is a water-soluble protein found in the egg yolk, and is a new health Supplement material with high safety that is permitted in supplement, a new resource in China.

Because it is a peptide body, it is a feature that the absorption is high, too.

VitaminD is blended with "bone pep" to increase the absorption of Calcium in the intestinal tract.

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How to use

In order to maintain daily health, please take this product with water or hot water, divided into 1-2 times a day, using about 2 balls a day as a guide.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsGelatin, egg yolk peptide, eggshell powder, collagen peptide, starch, casein phosphopepti, (derived from milk), edible purified processed fat, vitamin D mixed powder, calcium stearate, coloring (titanium oxide)