Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun Ore Power

Iyasiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun 140g

Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun

Ore Power

Full-time energy power
Just pickpocket the surface of the body on the stick side "ying" to the whole body Is Meguri,
The synergistic effect of the structure of the product and the force of the ore activates the object and loosens the hardened object.
The principle of dry cloth friction is adopted, and the body loosens while pickpocketing the part to be worried about, and the balance is adjusted.


About Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun

Natural ore such as tourmaline and Fuji lava stone are used as the material of the contents.

Tourmaline, also known as "electric stone", is considered to be beneficial to the human body because it continues to emit weak currents at the same numerical value as human biological currents at 0.06 milliamps semi-permanently.

The lava stones of Mt. Fuji contain a lot of Minaral Food such as "Panadium" and "Zinc". It emits far infrared rays and negative ions, and has excellent bactericidal effect.

In order to achieve a structure that can efficiently aggregate the active power coming out of ore, the production of stainless steel is manufactured at a processing plant of a precision machine manufacturer.

It was developed over a period of about two and a half years in pursuit of shape, ore type, formulation ratio, etc. with the cooperation of patients in the clinic.

※ Now we will present the ""Surisuri-kun" and "Push-kun" usage DVD.

(If you do not need it, please let us know.) )

How to use

It applies to the part which is anxious about the whole body from clothes or cloth such as the head, the face, the chest, the back, and hands and feet, and it is surising.

10-15 seconds per location is a guide.

Please pay attention

  • *If you are using in-body implantable medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers, please refrain from using them.
  • If you rub your face or skin, apply a cloth and use it.
  • If the stick part gets dirty, wipe it off with a towel.


Product TypeHealth Support
IngredientsStainless steel, ore