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Biorubb eraerodome petitvest If you feel cold, you can easily feel how it was wearing

Biorubb eraerodome belt zero Recommended for coldness and upset of the tummy and hips

Biorubber aerodome supporter

Others 3 entities

About Biorubberaerodome

The Aerodome series is the "real thing" that "answers" come out anyway.

In Japan, the concept of chiropractic has not penetrated easily, and medical care is still approaching internal organs and muscles from beginning to end.

When I tighten the zero position band of the aerodome vest and wear it, "Oh, I'm surprised!" 」。

Based on high-purity limestone containing more than 99.7% calcium carbonate, the rubber with honeycomb structure by micro bubbles of our original manufacturing method is blended with rare metals to emit biowave (infrared) beneficial to the human body.