Gelmatoron they adjust their spirits

Gelmatoron 10pcs Seal 100seat


they adjust their spirits

Where i feel the pain
Germanium power to adjust the flow of the mind just by pasting. It is said that the flow of the nature is disturbed when a little Stress and a little fatigue pile up every day. Germanium grains will help you to prepare this "mind".


About Gelmatoron

It is said that a very weak current called "biological current" flows in man's body, and positive and negative electricity harmonize well when it is healthy.

However, when the balance collapses, various upsets seem to occur.

"Free electrons" are swaying on the surface of Gelmatoron.

When Germanium touches the skin, it reacts to the body temperature and causes electron movement, harmonizing the biological current.

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Gelmatoron Tape Refill 100seat

Gelmatoron Tape Refill 100seat


How to use

Please hold it with your finger and put it in the place where you can feel the coli and Stretch.

If the range of pain is wide, please stick it extensively. It is OK wherever you put it.

You can take a bath while you stick it, but please change the place of sticking every two to three days to prevent rash.

You can use the grain of this product as many times as you want. Keep the grains carefully so that they are not thrown away and are not lost.

Please pay attention

  • Because the sweat and the dirt of the sticking place cause the rash, please use it after it cleans it with a towel by all means.
  • Especially, the person who is sensitive of the skin becomes prevention of the rash by wiping the sticking place with alcohol beforehand and removing sweat and dirt.
  • If itischy occurs, please use it by shifting the sticking place.
  • Do not use when bleeding due to cuts, bruises, sprains, or otherwise.
  • If you have high blood pressure, heart or liver damage, or if you have brain damage, consult a specialist.
  • Do not use for fractures, burns, or muscle tissue destruction.
  • If you are pregnant or have a disability, please consult a specialist.


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