Houseki Shower Premium The Power of Jewelry Ceramics

Premium jewel shower

The Power of Jewelry Ceramics

Soft skin like an angel massage
It feels gentle while there is a feeling of speed about 2.5 times of a general shower. Since the radiation hole is small at 0.19 mm, the water is as soft and painless as mist. The strong and delicate flow of water is comfortable, and even without Shampoo or soap, dirt and sebum clogged with Pores can flow well.


About Houseki Shower Premium

The ceramics used in the "Houseki Shower Premium" are mainly made from crystal, emerald, ruby, jade, wheat ricestone, tourmaline, etc. The radiation power of far infrared rays is stabilized by making these ores into powder form and lying them in a glass shape using a special manufacturing method.

It has been renewed from the conventional "jewel shower" to "Houseki Shower Premium".

3 points of renewal

"Injection holes from 0.28mm of conventional products to even smaller 0.19mm"

Even though the cleaning power is improved by high water pressure, it became a soft and smooth feeling like mist.

"Water-saving stop valve is easier to use"

The conventional product was either ON or OFF, but the renewed product is for stepless adjustment,

It can be fine-tuned to the "just right" water flow and gently cleans the nostrils and around the eyes.

In addition, the water saving effect increases.

"You can choose from three stylish colors"

In addition to "white" with a sense of cleanliness, "metallic pink" that resonates with women's sensibilities

The champagne gold bag creates a pleasant Home time.

Happy features

1. The water quality is soft and moisturizes the skin and hair.

2. Economical with a water-saving rate of 35%.

3. With a water rate of 50 km/h, it is easy to clean the bathtub and tiles.

How to use

If you take a shower in your hand and close it to your body and scalp and wash it with the shower itself, the dirt will fall off best.

If you keep the shower away from your body, you may feel cold because the amount of hot water is low (35% water saving).

[How to attach]

1. Remove the Shower Head you are already using from the shower hose.

2. Then attach the Houseki Shower Premium head to the shower hose and turn it to the right to connect it.

If the screws do not fit, such as KK, MYM, guster, etc., select from among the attached attachments and attach the metal fittings between the Shower Head.

If there are no screws that match the attachment, replace the hose (buy it at a home center, etc.).

Please pay attention

  • Please use at 70 degrees Celsius or less. If hot water flows, it may cause failure.
  • Do not give a strong impact or drop it.
  • If you keep the shower away from your body, the amount of hot water is small (35% water saving), so you may feel cold.

  • It is not a water leak.
  • Because of the protection of the shower hose, etc., it has a structure that does not completely stop water even in the STOP state.
  • Also, be sure to turn off the main plug after use. (There is a risk of damage due to pressure on the hose.) )


Product TypeHousehold goods
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients- Jewel shower... ABS resin, POM, silicon, PC, PP, EPDM, SUS304, jewelry ceramics (crystal, emerald, ruby, jade, wheat rice stone, tourmaline) attachment ... [KVK, MYM, Gastor] 3 types included