Ansin Yasai Natural food materials disinfectants

Anshin Yasai Box Type 1g 25pcs

Ansin Yasai

Natural food materials disinfectants

In just 10 minutes, pesticide reduction
Surf clam shell chemicals was born from the concept of "peel off" 100% natural antibacterial agents. Beautiful and delicious! Protects the family from stains invisible ingredients and food poisoning.


About Ansin Yasai

Ingredients 100% natural disinfectant cleaner is the "Ansin Yasai" (survsera).

We do not use any chemicals, chemical processing and additives, etc.

Reduce the pesticides and cleaning penetration to the small muscles of the vegetable skin from surf clam shell-based solution is a very small alkaline molecules, adhered to the surface.

Raw natural food additives "Ansin Yasai" (survsera) is included in the health and Welfare Ministry notice No. 120 of existing food additives (natural food additives) 218 shell firing Calcium.

Surfing in the surf clam shells in particular antibacterial (English name: Surf clam) and ceramic [Seraphim], was named "survsera".

Japan patent: No. 3420129 United States patent:US6, 365, 193B1

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Anshin Yasai 300g

Anshin Yasai 300g


Anshin Yasai Box Type 1g 25pcs 4P

Anshin Yasai Box Type 1g 25pcs 4P


How to use


Wash ago cooking.

(From chopping the ingredients to cleaning and surface dirt is better off will be) 2. 2 l of water dissolve product (1 capsule), ingredients, 5-10 minutes put pickled the.

(Can be a strong alkaline solution) 3.

Pollutants, if water is cloudy when it comes off the water in the basket. 4.

Drain and then put in a plastic bag, and keep refrigerated.

Summary washing of supermarket plastic bags two minutes is possible, because it can be used repeatedly. Ansin Yasai drain after the wash, throw a white powder (Calcium), and weakens the effect. It is recommended to make marinade ago cooking you wash produce.

Please pay attention

  • Deterioration over time is the solution.
  • Use within 24 hours.
  • This product is a food Supplement additives, but not food. Keep dry.
  • Firms have no effect.
  • When this product is attached to the mucous membranes of the eyes, rinse with plenty of water. One with a weak skin, wear gloves when highly concentrated cleaning the.


Product TypeFood additive, calcined shell calcium (CaO)
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsNatural calcium 98.89%, Na0.41%, Sr0.39%