Wave Rider Create a noise field to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves

Wave Rider

Create a noise field to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves

It is an epoch-making device that makes a room surrounded by electromagnetic waves a natural environment that is not artificial by specially transmitting waveforms that are layered with "random fluctuation waves" on top of the "Schumann vibration wave", which is the fundamental frequency of the earth. It is recommended to use it in the living room of your home, children's room, office, etc.


About Wave Rider

Wave Rider's electromagnetic braking capability is a whopping 9 meters in radius. Since the outgoing waveform can also pierce the wall, if you put it in the living room of your home, even in your study or bedroom, you can suppress the influence of electromagnetic waves on personal computers and mobile phones, and the environment with artificial electromagnetic waves that could adversely affect the body will be natural and body-friendly.

How to use

Just press down on the operating switch.

(The effect area is within a radius of 9 meters from the main body)

Just press the button at the top of Wave Rider.

When running, a blue lamp will be on.

・ Switch off when you are away and use this product efficiently.

Replacement for 17,500 hours of use (→ 4 years with 12 hours of use)

Questions and Answers

How long does a wave rider last?

Wave Rider has a lifespan of 17,500 hours. If you use it for 12 hours a day, you will have it for about 4 years.

When the wave rider's remaining lifespan reaches 200 hours, the red light begins to flash.

After 17,500 hours, the polymer begins to deteriorate, so it will not be effective.

Does wave rider's noise field go through the wall?

Wave Rider, as the name suggests, is a "ride" of electromagnetic waves at home and at work. Just as these electromagnetic waves pass through the wall, the wave rider's noise field also passes through the wall.

Does the frequency from wave riders affect our mobile phone or wifi signals?

There's no change in the clarity of your communication when you're using a mobile phone or wifi. Wave rider frequencies do not interfere with cellular or wifi signals.