Seatofmagic How to use a variety

Seat of magic

How to use a variety

Sheet that brings out natural healing power
Imist material that generates a large amount of negative ions is printed on the cotton nell ground, enabling continuous use for a long time.
Negative ions relax the body by synergistic effect by the natural healing power pullout and weak current. Size 10cm x 20cm


How to use

1. Apply the sheet to touch the skin directly.

Please apply the printed side (gray) to the part and the point that the body is anxious to touch the skin directly.

2, please fix the sheet

Please fix the seat with bandages, supporters, clothing, etc.

Because it is excellent in durability, the effect is sustained, but it is to be replaced in about five days Thank you for your recommendation.


IngredientsCottonnell Polytetrafluoroethylene Tourmaline