Koridora Necklace Relaxation, blood circulation promotion and pressing effect of coriander

Koridora Necklace

Relaxation, blood circulation promotion and pressing effect of coriander

Replenishes geomagnetism and enhances barriers to artificial electromagnetic waves
"I'm not sick, but I'm not energized" is a sign of geomagnetism.
Solved by sticking a geomagnetic chip corridor.


About Koridora Necklace


Body: 25×12.5×3.7mm

Genuine strap: 80cm

●About geomagnetism

The earth is a huge N station and a magnet of the S pole.

Geomagnetism is the magnetism (magnetism) of the Earth, and geomagnetism is a magnetic field (magnetic field) generated by the Earth.

Because of its magnetism, we human beings have been making use of it for hundreds of millions of years.

Humanity might not have existed without geomagnetism.

Geomagnetism not only varies depending on the location of strength and orientation,

There is a theory that geomagnetism has weakened in recent years.

According to the data measured for geomagnetism, compared to the geomagnetism in the open

The geomagnetism measured indoors such as trains, automobiles, buildings, condominiums, etc. will be reduced by nearly half.

This is also the cause of modern people being called a chronic geomagnetic shortage.

It has also been reported that lack of geomagnetism causes disturbances in biological functions, such as disorders in the central nervous system and a decrease in metabolic capacity.

"I'm not sick, but I'm not healthy" is a sign of geomagnetic shortage. Let's compensate for geomagnetism and solve it.

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Koridora For necklaces This strap 80cm

Koridora For necklaces  This strap  80cm


Please pay attention

  • ・Since iron oxide is used as the raw material of the product, if you have weak skin, we recommend that you wear it on clothing.
  • ・When replacing the string, please use a natural material, not a metal.
  • ・Please note that the necklace's genuine strap will become hard if washed with water.


Product TypeFerrite ceramic, genuine strap
Country of manufactureJapan

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