Gaianeck Warm your neck and eliminate the worry of coldness

Maruyama-gaianek S size

Warm your neck and eliminate the worry of coldness

丸山アレルギークリニック 丸山修寛医師が開発!

Size: About 50×4cm (Snap position (1) 44.5cm (2) 47cm)


About Gaianeck

"Energize the Earth to People" is the concept of "Gaianeck".

The earth is a huge magnet of the N pole S pole. It is said that we human beings have been made the best use of it for hundreds of millions of years by the magnetic force (geomagnetism).

If it had not been for the geomagnetism, humanity might not have existed.

It is thought that the present age person falls into a serious geomagnetism shortage now.

"I'm not sick, but I'm not healthy" may be a sign of geomagnetic deficiency.

"Gaianeck" firmly supports such geomagnetic shortage.

It has become a nep fabric that is friendly to winter.

※What is nep cloth...

It is a fabric made by intertwining fibers, with thread nodes on the surface.

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Maruyama-gaianek L size

Maruyama-gaianek L size

When wearing L size, it is several centimeters below the collarbone, and it is possible to wear it hidden in clothes. Size: About 58×4cm (Snap position (1) 55cm (2)57cm)


Please pay attention

  • ・Please note that this product may fade due to sweat, water, friction, etc.
  • ・After dehydration, do not leave it, but dry it in the shade early.
  • ・When wearing, be careful not to rub or catch rough surfaces such as belts and bags.
  • ・Necklaces, etc. may cause fraying, so we recommend that you wear them after wearing them.
  • ・ I recommend the net washing because it is easy to get caught with other things.
  • ・ If you use a Drying machine, it may shrink.
  • ・Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • ・ Please do not wear it with anything other than the attached snap.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsFabric: 56% cotton, 22% acrylic, 22% polyester: Polyester (20% ferrite ceramic)

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