Blackeyepad Kyoku Electromagnetic Wave

Black Eye Pad Kyoku

Electromagnetic Wave

Just lay it on top.
Equipped with 49 "Black Eye", it is an electronic wave sheet that can be used easily.


About Blackeyepad Kyoku

Size: 200×200×5mm

Please pay attention

  • ※ Because it softens depending on the temperature, there is a risk of softening and whitening if left in the car or on an electrical appliance that is heated. (65°C as a guide) performance remains the same.
  • ※ In the process of manufacturing, there is a case that the paint mark of the adhesive adheres. Please understand.
  • ※ Please avoid bending forcibly.
  • ※ If the black eye is removed, please paste again with silicone adhesive. The removed black eye can be used alone, but should not be used if the product is rusted or damaged.
  • ※ Please wipe the dirt with a cloth etc. that contains water and squeezes hard.


Ingredients【Black Eye】Copper Wire, Styrene Thermodable Elastomer, Ceramic Charcoal [Pad Body] Polyvinyl Chloride

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