MAXmini 5G Electromagnetic Blocker MAXmini Series


MAXmini 5G

Electromagnetic Blocker MAXmini Series

For 5G measures for mobile phones and smartphones
Reduce electromagnetic waves and microwaves emitted from PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones! Electromagnetic Wave is an excellent thing to do just by pasting it on the device you care about.


About MAXmini 5G

Product size: Width 43× height 45mm

Transparent protective film size: Width: 50mm × length 50mm

Artificial electromagnetic waves and microwaves emitted from mobile phones, smartphones, and PCs that are of care. It was created to reduce the impact.

How to use

・ Please paste "MAXmini" on the device and use it. * Transparent film protects equipment and surfaces, so there is no effect even if it is not pasted.

・ Can also be used for electronic devices that are not compatible with 5G communication

・ Because copper is used as the material, the color may change with use.

※ Please use without cutting.

* You can use any number of pieces for one device (can be used with MAXminiα and V)

Please pay attention

  • ・We are not responsible for accidents, breakdowns, data loss, etc. using this product. Please understand in advance.
  • ・ Do not use this product for any purpose other than the intended purpose.
  • Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
  • ・Do not use or store near fire in places with high temperatures or humidity.
  • ・Store out of reach of infants.


IngredientsCopper, adhesive sheet

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