The latest high-power artificial Electronic Wave item born from Katakamuna research.
This coil has a two-layer structure and a layer below the upper layer, and it is a mechanism that allows you to interact with each other by becoming together.
Therefore, in order to dramatically enhance the action of Maruyama coils, we adopted a special nano powder that combines a fullerene material carefully selected through repeated prototypes and a ferrite-derived Gaia ceramic that replenishes geomagnetism. Furthermore, by combining copper coils in a three-layer structure, the function of countering artificial electromagnetic waves has been greatly improved.
Silicon is also kneaded with special nano powder.


About Blackeyeguiasunecklase

In order to approach the elementary particle level more, the top part is decorated with Mr. Maruyama's original figure "Kamuna" made based on "Yatanokagami", the center figure of Katakamuna.

From those who actually wore it, "It is refreshing as if cleansed at the shrine", "The takling of the knees and waist became easy, and the stairs were raised", "When I put it on, the performance at the time of exercise goes up", "Breathing spreads to every corner of the body".

Please pay attention

  • ※ Cotton string of accessories, please use when you get over the silicon string or when it has broken.
  • ※ There is no problem with water wetness (including bathing) in daily life, so please wipe off moisture well when getting wet.
  • ※ This product is a silicon product, it is easy to cut the string by repeating desorption. It is recommended to keep it as wearing as possible. When attaching and detaching, please handle carefully with both hands.


Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsSilicon, copper wire, special nano powder

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