Blackeyeasiurapad Ground static electricity on the soles of the feet


Ground static electricity on the soles of the feet

Comfort as if you were being massaged
The multilayer Maruyama coil built into the pad smooths the flow of biological current, and supports arches on the arch, thereby reducing the impact of landing and reducing strain and fatigue on the feet.
Size: Unisex one size (standard 20 to 26cm)
Weight: 24g


About Blackeyeasiurapad

First of all, it plays a very important role as a cushion to absorb the impact such as weight and walking with the arch shape, but there are individual differences when the arch without stepping falls due to walking or standing work, but various influences such as easy to get tired, strongly feel the impact of the sole of the foot, posture is likely to be bad, etc. come out in no small way.

By attaching the "Black Igaias Sole Pad", copper fiber is used on the inside to smooth the flow of biological current, support the arch without treading, reduce the burden and fatigue on the foot, and enable the foot to perform its original function. You can also wear shoes while wearing them from the top of socks.


Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsNylon, polyester, polyurethane, metal fiber multilayer Maruyama coil, special nano ceramic

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