byakkajazetusou Tablet Type Health Supplement

Byakkajazetusou 45g


Tablet Type Health Supplement

It is a tablet type health Support made from herbal herbal medicine that can be used both medicinally.
Six herbal medicines are available: Reishi, Hatogi, Buddha hand, byakkajazetusou, semi-branch lotus and horse teeth莧 to support daily health maintenance.


About byakkajazetusou

Contents: 45g (250mg x 180 grains)

How to use

As a Supply, please enjoy 3-9 grains a day with water or lukewarm water as a guide.

Please pay attention

  • Please check the raw materials, please do not eat if you are worried about such as Supply allergy.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, please refrain from eating a large amount.
  • In rare cases, it may not fit your constitution (itching, rash, discomfort, etc.), so if you are not in good physical condition, please discontinue use immediately.
  • Because the raw material is a natural product, there may be some differences in color, aroma, etc., but there is no problem with the quality.


IngredientsWhite flower serpent, half-branched lotus, horse 莧, lotus, reishi, Buddhist hand