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Bio Paste's Sister Products

Easy Chewable Leip Health Support
Biochewable2 large ingredients, including reduced fermented lactic acid bacteria and crispatas bacteria.


About Biochewable

Contents: 36 g (1.2 g× 30 tablets)

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture

How to use

Chewable type that can be easily ingested. Put it in your mouth and melt it slowly on your tongue.

After snacking or brushing your teeth, take 1-2 tablets a day as a guide.


Product TypeHealth food
IngredientsDextrin (manufactured in Japan), indigestive dextrin, lactic acid bacteria fermented extract (brown sugar medium/ lactobacillus), galacto-oligosaccharide liquid sugar, plum extract, rice germ, soybean fermented extract, yucca extract, deep ocean water, kiraya extract, KT-11 lactobacillus (sterilization), acacia dietary fiber, water-soluble silicon, naystrate powder / sorbitol, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, steatolyc acid, calcite sweetener (lakanka), magnesium sulfate, hydrogen