EAT to WIN Citric-AcidHealth Beverage



Citric-AcidHealth Beverage

Contains 33 kinds of nutrients in a well-balanced way
Because it is granules, it melts immediately, and the density can be adjusted according to the purpose and taste preference, and it can be used for hydration. Based on Citric-Acid and Calcium magnesium, we have blended 33 nutritional ingredients in a good balance, including amino acids that create muscles and tissues in the body, Mineral Foods to help strong bones and muscles work, vitamins that act as a lubricant for the body, odorless garlic as a stamina source, extracts of Tea, yeast extracts, etc.


About EAT to WIN

Contents: 150g (5g × 30 bottles)

Nutrition label (in 100g): energy 350kcal, protein 6.1g, lipid 0.1g, carbohydrate 87.0g, sodium 438.0mg

Contents component (in 100g): Ciric-Acid23.5g, Calcium832.0mg, vitaminA2035.8μg, beta-carotene 53.6μg, vitamin B12.7mg, vitaminB235.8mg, pantonic acid 13.6mg, niacin 34.0mg, vitaminB64.3mg, vitaminB123.6μg, vitaminC1178.6mg, vitaminD3 9.0μg vitaminE17.9mg, folic acid 357. 2μg, magnesium 75.0mg, potassium 111.0mg, iron 3.7mg, creatine 1530.0mg, polyphenol 71.5mg, catechin 60.8mg, odorless garlic 35.8mg

How to use

Please dissolve this bag in about 200ml of water and enjoy it.

Calories in the stick 5g are only 17.5kcal. Even those who are concerned about calories can drink with peace of mind.


Ingredients蔗 sugar (sugar), creatine, tea extract, yeast extract, odorless garlic, citric acid, trehalose, calcium lactate, amino acid mix (alanine, grisine, balin, arginine, leucine, lysine, aspartate Na, isoleucine, histone, cystine, phenylalanine, treonine, trytophaphanic, methionine, glutamate Na) vitamin C, Na citrate, magnesium sulfate, flavoring, sweeteners (sucralose), potassium chloride, vitamin B2, ie citrate Na, niacin, vitamin E, pottonate Ca, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin A, folic acid, beta-carotene, vitamin D 3, vitamin B12