Multimineralvitamin Surprise was not thought ability

multimineral vitamin180capsule 3set


Surprise was not thought ability

Nutrients for life
Raw vegetables are all organic Tilth material, is a natural extract 100%.
Supplement your own Mineral Food balance based on the chain theory of life, considering the characteristics of the Japanese, so can expect support, such as health maintenance and improvement. Weight: 175 g (about 970 mg / 180 capsules)

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multimineral vitamin180capsule

multimineral vitamin180capsule



IngredientsBrewer's yeast, guava, annatto seeds, sesbania, Amra, Holy basil, mustard, palm oil, sunflower seeds, Grapefruit seed, kelp, sago Palm, rose hips, Acerola, oysters, broccoli, onions, alfalfa, cabbage The OTS, HPMC (capsules)