MCM Powder 50g To maintain a smooth body

MCM Powder 50g

MCM Powder 50g

To maintain a smooth body

Replenish the lack of mineral food
Marina Crystal Mineral Food (MCM) is a clean sea water pump, harmful components removed, and extracted, concentrated, and crystallized the necessary Mineral Food. Important Mineral Food minutes such as Calcium, magnesium and potassium are well-balanced. MCM is an ocean Mineral Food component that is ionized, so it is easy to be absorbed by the body and can compensate for Mineral Food, which tends to be insufficient with a small intake.


About MCM Powder 50g

Why do we need Mineral Food?

The decline in energy and vitality is said to be due to chronic lack of Minaral Food. In order to maintain a healthy and smooth body, it is very important to maintain a Minaral Food balance in the body.

How to use

As a nutritional Supplementaryfood, serve 2-4 cups of water or hot water with an attached spoon (about 0.5g) per day. In addition, it is possible to eat even if it melts. It can also be used for dishes such as fried rice, Miso soup, and boiled food.


Product TypeHealth food