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New Science Zinc (60 capsules)


Zinc Supplement at New Science

Zinc13mg in 1 capsule
Capsules made of vegetable material are used. The capsules used in the Mineral Food supplement are called pullulans. Pullran is a capsule made of non-genetically modified corn starch, with oxygen permeability of about 8 times that of gelatin capsules, about 300 times lower than plant cellulose capsules, and low, protecting the contents from oxidation and maintaining quality.


About Zinc

Contents: 21g (350mg × 60 capsules)

Nutritional indication: per capsule (350mg): Energy 1.25kcal protein 0.12g lipid 0.01g carbohydrate 0.16g salt equivalent 0.0009g Zinc 13mg


IngredientsZinc yeast, pullulan (capsule)