Beets Akadama The popular superfood "Beats" is tableted.

Beets Akadama

Beets Akadama

The popular superfood "Beats" is tableted.

This is Japan's first "Beefs Akadama" tableted superfood "Beats".
All beets are made from Kumamoto Prefecture (from Asagi Farm).
It is a form that you can drink every day that you can easily perform daily physical condition and beauty management.


About Beets Akadama

Capacity: 250mgx300 grains (about 1 month)

"Borsici" is a representative of Russian cuisine. Beets are essential vegetables for this. It looks like a red turnip, but they are the same as spinach. Beets are so rich in phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, Calcium, iron and potassium that they are called "eating transfusions," as well as vitaminA/C, naiacin, biotin, and Dietary Fiber Food.

These goods have the other line-ups

Beets Akadama 300 grains 3 sets

Beets Akadama 300 grains 3 sets

Beats Akadama 300 grains set of 3 bags


Beets Akadama 300 grains 6 bags set

Beets Akadama 300 grains 6 bags set

Set of 6 bags of Beefs Akadama 300 grains


How to use

Please enjoy 10 to 20 grains a day with water or hot water as a guide.

Because it is a guide to the last, please enjoy it within the range of 5-20 grains if you like.

Please pay attention

  • Storage method: High temperature and humidity, stored in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight
  • If you have an allergy to beets, please refrain from those who do not fit the constitution.
  • If you are taking medicine, please use it after consulting the specialist in charge if you are in the hospital.
  • We do not use any Supplement additives such as synthetic colorings or preservatives.
  • Because we use natural materials, there is a case where the color tone etc. are different, but there is no problem in the quality.
  • Please tighten the zipper after opening.
  • Diet, based on the main food, main dish, side dishes, the balance of the meal


IngredientsBeets (from Kumamoto Prefecture), burdock (from Kumamoto Prefecture), sucrose esters, fine silicon dioxide