Highquality magnesium Water-soluble magnesium

High concentration magnesium

Highquality magnesium

Water-soluble magnesium

Mineral Food magnesium, which is a shortage of modern Japanese, can be easily replenished at the table.
We have achieved an ultra-high concentration of magnesium: sodium = 73:1.


About Highquality magnesium

Because it is water-soluble, it absorbs well and can be used like Seasoningother, such as mixing with Something.

Use Highquality magnesium to help you stay healthy every day.

How to use

The standard of the day is to mix 10 to 20 drops (about 1 to 2 ml) into the drink, and you can easily replenish magnesium.

● 3 drops in drinking water

● 3 drops on coffee, Blacktea, alcohol

● 3 drops in Miso juice

● At the time of cooking, 3 drops per combination

You can use it by devising various other things.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsSalt water lake water low sodium chloride solution (salt water lake water mineral solution), magnesium chloride