Kurogo Meguri improvement

Kurogo 800g


Meguri improvement

Cheery Charging Supplement
Five black chikara (black rice, black soybeans, black sesame seeds, black pine nuts, black karin) use wild species that do not accept breeding.
Black rice and black soybeans are produced in northeastern China, where the Long White Mountains are located, respectively, and black sesame is produced in the south to maintain quality. Wild species managed by the state-owned Marusan Farm are cultivated without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


About Kurogo

It can also be eaten as a baby's baby food or as a physical strength recovery diet for the sick and elderly.

These goods have the other line-ups

Kurogo 800g 2P

Kurogo 800g 2P

The point is a two-bag set of deals.


Kurogo 120g

Kurogo 120g

Trial size.


How to use

Dissolve 5-6 tablespoons of "grated", melted in a cup of Coffee cup of boiling water.

It mixes well when using a small lader or a tea bowl.

Please pay attention

  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store it in a cool and dark place.
  • After opening, be careful of condensation and store it in the refrigerator.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsBlack five (black rice, black soybean, black sesame, black pine fruit, black karin-Buddha name cash), fructooligosaccharide, black roasted brown rice, mineral magma extracted from wild plants