Beauty Health Enzyme Enzyme Chikara

Beauty Health Enzyme 720ml

Enzyme Chikara

60 Enzyme extracts
60 kinds of vegetables, fruits, wildflowers, seaweed, grains and sap are aged and fermented with yeast. All materials are domestic, safe in domestic production!


About Beauty Health Enzyme

60 kinds of vegetables, fruits, wild flowers, seaweed, grains, and sap are aged and fermented over a period of six months to one year with yeast.

Pure vegetable Enzyme fermentation Health beverage that does not contain additives such as water or preservatives.

Extracts extracted from raw materials include Enzyme, Mineral Food, amino acids, vitamins, phytonutrients, and maltose, and compensate for nutrients that tend to be lacking.

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Beauty Health Enzyme 720ml 6set

Beauty Health Enzyme 720ml 6set

Great 6 pieces set


Beauty Health Enzyme 720ml 3set

Beauty Health Enzyme 720ml 3set

Three pieces set of points deals


How to use

【How to eat】

For concentrate extract, dilute it 4-5 times with water and drink.

It tastes fruity and sweet, so you can enjoy it deliciously.

To your liking, you can drink more deliciously if you add it with lemon juice or citrus extract.


Product TypeBeverages
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsCabbage, daikon, carrot, renkon sweet potato, burdock, ginger, potato, pumpkin, cucumber, satoimo, tomato, yam, tow, togane, maki, sere, sprouts, three leaves, shibee ume, watermelon, pineapple. Melon, white peach, cucumber, akebi, gum, grape, strawberry, apple, fig, biwa, lemon, kinkan, papaya, anzu, karin, smoma aloe, yomogi, cedar, rape blossoms, kumazaza, persimmon leaves, shiso leaves Wakame, Konbu, Rice, Soybeans, Red Bean, Wheat, Awa, Kibi, Matsuba, Sugiba, Pine Tree, Sap, Pine Needles, Cedar Sap