Hajimari Plant Enzyme Water

Hajimari 900ml - Plant Enzyme Water


Plant Enzyme Water

The power of the energy of the natural world is full.
Plant Enzyme Water
Enzyme water "Start" is a plant that creates a body that does not lose to damage. Please try it at the beginning of the day.


About Hajimari

Enzyme water "Ganjime" is a plant where the power of nature's "mountain soil" and "rice bran" is condensed.

Energy springs from the core of the body. Such a wonderful extract was made.

It is an extract that condenses the power of "soil" containing wonderful substances of nature and "rice bran", the essence of brown rice.

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Hajimari 900ml 2set - Plant Enzyme Water

Hajimari 900ml 2set - Plant Enzyme Water

Point is a set of two deals.


Hajimari 900ml 4set - Plant Enzyme Water

Hajimari 900ml 4set - Plant Enzyme Water

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How to use

Please enjoy 2 tablespoons (about 30 ml) a day as a guide.

・ It is OK to put it when cooking rice

If you want to take care of your family's health with your usual meals, it is recommended to put 20 to 30 cc of "start" for 3 rice combinations when cooking.

You can also enjoy old rice that tends to remain at this time of year.

A customer said, "I don't care about my husband's upset in a few months, it's strange. We have received voices such as.

If you have a problem that bothers you, we recommend that you add it to as many dishes as possible.

Please pay attention

  • This product is not a pharmaceutical product.
  • It is not effective somewhere in the body, but it is a health system developed with the aim of improving while continuing to drink.
  • If your stomach becomes loose after drinking due to physical condition, please refrain from eating.
  • Please refrain from eating if you are allergic to the ingredients in the raw materials.
  • If you feel sick after drinking, consult your doctor.
  • Avoid impacting containers and storing them frozen.
  • When giving to pets, animals are more sensitive than humans, so regardless of the size of the body, a small amount of 1 ml or less should be mixed with water or the like.


Product TypeBeverages
Ingredientsrice, rice, soybeans (not genetically modified), wheat (not genetically modified), citric acid